Tuesday, November 10, 2009

*~Bunny Wunnyz~*

*~Bunny Wunnyz~* [ Key Chainz for Bagz ]
Blue Bunny Wunny : H : 11cm, W : 8 cm [ rm15 ]
Pink Bunny Wunny : H : 13 cm, W : 9 cm [ rm17 ]

*~Poky Dotz Ellie~*

*~Poky Dotz Ellie~* [Keychain for Bagz]
H: 9cm, W: 15cm [ rm17 ]

*~Hong Bai Ellie~*

*~Hong Bai Ellie~* [ Keychain for Bagz ]
H: 9cm, W: 13cm [ rm17 ]

*~Pinky Ellie~*

*~Pinky Ellie~* [ Keychain for Bagz ]
H: 9cm, W: 16cm [ rm 17 ]

*~Yellow Ellie~*

*~Yellow Ellie~*[ Keychain for Bagz ]
H: 9cm W: 16 cm [ rm17 ]

*~Kitty Katz Tissue Holder~*

*~Kitty Katz Tissue Holder~*
H : 13cm, W: 13.5cm [ rm20 ]

*~Bear Bear Tisue Holder~*

*~Bear Bear Tisue Holder~*
H: 13cm, W: 13.5cm [ rm20 ]

*~Bunny Wunny Tissue Holder~*

*~Bunny Wunny Tissue Holder~*
H : 14CM, W : 13.5CM [RM20]

*~Mr Monyet San~*

Mr Monyet San [Dolly] = H : 23cm, W : (hand to hand) 22cm [RM50]

Thursday, September 24, 2009

How to Buy

Hi~! little Fren is special in a way that u can have ur very own custom made dollyz! it's very simple! just send any picture of a cartoon to "little fren" & tell me the size & anything that u wanna add on , or any of the already made dollys that i have is for sale as well : ) i'll let u know the price. if agree to the price this is the things that u need to do~*

1. Leave ur name & contact (optional) by email to little_fren@yahoo.com

2. I'll send u my banking account & postage charges.

3.Kindly inform (via email) after the money has been bank in with reference number or attach copy of statement, within 2 weeks ur dolly'll be at ur door step : ) cheers~! happy shopping~